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She was officially handed over to the Bangladesh Navy on 23 May During her transit to Bangladesh from the United States, she was diverted to the Philippines to distribute emergency aid for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan on behalf of Government of Bangladesh.

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She arrived there on 29 November She carried tonnes of drinking water and five desalination plants there. On 23 April , she left for Qatar to join the multinational maritime exercise , Exercise Ferocious Falcon The fleet review held in Visakhapatnam , India where 52 countries participated. They returned Chattogram on 9 October She stayed in Thailand from 16 November to 21 November to participate in the exercise.

The ship also visited Langkawi port of Malaysia on her way back home from 27 November to 30 November The ship left Chattogram on a training tour on 1 September She returned home on 20 September She left Chattogram to take part in the event on 21 March The U. Search Our Site.

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Home About Us ". Simpson, Joy-1st Grade Teacher.

Prairie Park Elementary School. Phone: ext. Joy Simpson This is my fifth year at Prairie Park as a first-grade teacher. I love working with first graders because they are enthusiastic, inquisitive and sincere.

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We are meant to have joy, which means to be genuinely happy, in an eternal sense. Our Heavenly Father loves us and wants us to have many opportunities to learn and grow. To do that, He provided a wonderful world that He declared to be good and gives us the opportunity to choose goodness and joy.

We feel glad when we make good decisions. This includes choosing to be morally good and obedient. On occasion, courage means to be with and stand by our friends.

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Other times it means that we have to stand a little apart, not judging them or feeling superior but choosing the right by doing something different. When I was in junior high school, my friends were planning to go and throw eggs at cars during Halloween. I walked home that night, and my parents asked me why I was home early.

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When I told them, I knew my parents and Heavenly Father approved of what I had doneā€”and it made me feel good to do the right. As a Scout I learned Morse code.

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Happy to see you here! It turned out he was a radio operator, and it was a great delight to him to have somebody write him a note in Morse code.

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As we are open to new things and to learning in our lives, the Lord knows what we have learned and can use us to bless others. Morse code is a specific example, but if we are willing, the Lord can use us as instruments to bless the lives of others and bring joy to their lives and our own.