The Year of Living Biblically

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A book that will charm readers both secular and religious, The Year of Living Biblically is part Cliff Notes to the Bible , part memoir, and part look into worlds unimaginable. Thou shalt not be able to put it down. What would it require for a person to live all the commandments of the Bible for an entire year? That is the question that animates this hilarious, quixotic, thought-provoking memoir from Jacobs The Know-It-All.

He didn't just keep the Bible's better-known moral laws being honest, tithing to charity and trying to curb his lust , but also the obscure and unfathomable ones: not mixing wool with linen in his clothing; calling the days of the week by their ordinal numbers to avoid voicing the names of pagan gods; trying his hand at a string harp; growing a ZZ Top beard; eating crickets; and paying the babysitter in cash at the end of each work day. He considered some rules, such as killing magicians, too legally questionable to uphold.

In his attempts at living the Bible to the letter, Jacobs hits the road in highly entertaining fashion to meet other literalists, including Samaritans in Israel, snake handlers in Appalachia, Amish in Lancaster County, Pa. Throughout his journey, Jacobs comes across as a generous and thoughtful and, yes, slightly neurotic participant observer, lacing his story with absurdly funny cultural commentary as well as nuanced insights into the impossible task of biblical literalism.

What I look for in books and movies are those that entertain, make me smile and make me think. This book has all of that and more. You find yourself living with the author and perhaps even envying him a bit. Though it is a long book, it read very fast. Quite enjoyable. Just don't expect the whole book to be based on christianity or jesus' teachings.

Recovering from 'The Year of Living Biblically'

If you are looking for a funny and interesting piece on relating to the old testament, this book is fantastic. Just be clear what the book up front.

To all the reviewers complaining about the short shrift the New Testament gets, I say read the dead tree version for the full story. Overall worth one credit, but I could do with less talk about the author's OCD routines and issues. I got this book because it sounded like an interesting idea. Almost anything biblical interests me. However, the author's voice hits me like Sarah Vowell's voice hits some people.

I don't mind Sarah Vowell's voice. Jacobs' voice got on my nerves. He's got a very "this was very cute and clever of me" tone to his voice, which I started to hate. I don't know how his wife puts up with him. It's probably a better read than a listen. It is an interesting experiment.

The Year of Living Biblically: Interview with Author A.J. Jacobs

While the hook is "What happens if you try to follow all the rules in the bible", the author really is a man who want to be a better person just like he wanted to be a smarter person in his previous book who uses the bible as a guide. Note that the author begins relatively non-religious, and he does not really "find" religion, so this is not a devout handling of the material. The book is generally very funny, but is poignant in parts. It took a bit to get used to the author's reading I had liked the reader on his first book , but he adds the right touches without feeling like he was acting the book.

My only regret is that it is abridged: I enjoyed it enough that now I either have to get the book to see what I missed, or wait for an unabridged reading and go through it again. The idea was a great one.

The implementation was pretty good. The topics discussed were humorous and the writing was entertaining. I am not sure if this is abridged or unabridged but it seems like he left out a lot of the year. Throughout the chapters I was entertained and wanting more and for it to build and hit a climax.

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It never really did, the ending was a little disappointing though interesting. I also felt he could have dealt more with the New testament. Though most of the "rules" are set in the old, he seemed to skim over the new saying he would deal with that in the last 4 months of the year, but it was a very short part of the book and I feel he could have learned even more by dealing with that part.

Overall a good "read". I am not sure the author was the best choice for the audio, but I always like when it is the author who reads so I guess that is OK. I have listened to a few of AJ Jacob's books now and this is yet another experiment of his that is a bit out there - which is what makes his books sell. Jacobs uses his life as his catalyst for his writing, which makes this a rather blog-like book. So it has a bit of a documentary type feel too it which is perfect for a long drive. I was going on a road trip with my parents and didn't think they'd exactly be into listening to Game of Thrones or my audible obsession with Molly Harper.

I was not about to listen to a crime novel - my parents love them but they're just not my thing. As Christians who grew up with all these Bible stories I thought they'd get a kick out of Jacobs' attempt to live by God's rules set down on paper. My mother thoroughly enjoyed this, laughing out loud and my dad chuckled occasionally and found Jacobs amusing. This book was definitely a good choice. Is contained in A.

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You must log in to edit Common Knowledge data. Julie Schoenberg Jacobs. Jasper Jacobs. New York Times bestseller Nonfiction, To Julie. As I write this, I have a beard that makes me resemble Moses. The Hebrew scriptures prescribe a tremendous amount of capital punishment. Think Saudi Arabia, multiply by Texas, then triple that. At times—not all the time, but sometimes—the entire world takes on a glow of sacredness, like someone has flipped on a[n] unfathomably huge halogen lamp and made the universe softer, fuller, less menacing.

All well and good, right? The only thing is, this is not the God of the Israelites. This is not the God of the Hebrew Scriptures. That God is an interactive God. He rewards people and punishes them. He argues with them, negotiates with them, forgives them, and occasionally smites the. The God of the Hebrew Scriptures has human emotions—love and anger. Jasper and I leave the post office, turn left, and head toward home for a quiet Friday night.

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The Year of Living Biblically: One Man's Humble Quest to Follow the Bible as Literally as Possible

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