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Everett Koop , a Surgeon General from the 20th century who opposed smoking. Parody of Cuban cigars.

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Slogan : "Just add fire! First Appearance: Bender's Big Score Description: A radiation-absorbing tunic that allows the wearer to survive exposure to doom radiation. They are advertised for in dreams. Slogans : "As seen in your dreams. Type : Commercial; probably out of production. Mac formatted. First Appearance : The Beast with a Billion Backs Description : A mechanical wine dispenser that quickly renders grapes into wine, bottles it and corks it for it to be immediately uncorked. Intended to be a children's toy, it shoots rainbows from its eyes and meows when petted. However, Mom modified the invention into a weapon.

Trivia : Three modes of death have been seen so far: "quick and painless," "slow and horrible", and "clumsy bludgeoning. Type : Commercial public facility. In the intervening millenium the titular mascot has been promoted, a reference to Star Trek and its habit of depicting future versions of prominent captains as admirals. Due to the anchovy's extinction in the s, they are now extremely valuable. Type : Commercial; out of production due to the extinction of anchovies. Like the militarily promoted Admiral Crunch, the Count has apparently received a much higher rank of nobility in the last 1, years.

Sold at the Local Group Farmers Market. First Appearance : " Space Pilot " Description : Cheap, dog-food-like substance sold in bulk to bachelors. Just add water! Slogan : " Bachelor Chow , now with flavor. First Appearances : " A Leela of Her Own " Description : A brand of beans advertised by Leela when she becomes the world's first woman blernsball player. It pinkens your teeth while you chew and provides "breath as fresh as a summer ham".

The name alludes to the chewing gum brand Big Red. Its name is a parody of Perrier.

Slogan : "Ride the walrus! Served with a choice of cheese filing. May contain bones. Slogan : "It's a buncha muncha cruncha human!

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First Appearance: Bender's Big Score Description: Hairibo are fungal gummi confectioneries, referring to the German company Haribo , the largest producer of gummi and jelly sweets. Type: Commercial. First Appearance : " Roswell that Ends Well " Description : A popcorn that should not be put in a microwave due to questionable results. Its name parodies Jiffy Pop. It refers to the dog food brand Kibbles 'n Bits. Slogan : "If you've got the nibbles, go for some kibbles! It clearly refers to Wrigley's Chewing Gum albeit the actual Wrigley's design was modernized, and is obviously a play on words of the chemical 'liquid nitrogen'.

Its name is a reference to astronaut Michael Collins and the Collins mix. It is French for " Mister Cardboard ". Named after the old DuPont brand of acrylic Fibers. It was sold for a time by Fishy Joe's , until the snack was revealed to be Omicronian young. Type : Commercial; out of production due to the discovery of their true origin. First Appearance: The Beast with a Billion Backs Description: An energy drink that, when ingested, is visible within the body to the naked eye.

Refers to Red Bull Energy Drink. First Appearance : " Space Pilot " Description : A highly addictive, highly popular soft drink, exuded from the behind of a giant worm queen. Parody of Coca-Cola. Slogan : "It's highly addictive! Trivia : Slurm is apparently advertised in every episode of Futurama. A parody of Slurpee Type : Commercial. An obvious parody of gum brand Bubble Yum as well as various rumors that they contain spider eggs. Each pill contains 40mg steak and 10mg fixin's, which can be rehydrated into a steak dinner.

Each box contains packs labelled "Top", "Middle" and "Bottom", which respectively contain one cookie, a circle of cream and another cookie. They are then meant to be put into a special machine and compressed, forming an Oreo -like cookie. First Appearance : " The Route of All Evil " Description : A cold-fusion steam beer brewed by the Planet Express crew inside Bender's body cavity as an alternative to having to choose a commercial brand. Trivia : The label on the beer is the actual label that the graphics department created for the real-life beer brewed by the staff.

Type : Homebrewed. Slogan : "Let's get drunk! First Appearance : " Space Pilot " Description : A brand of beer that was sold in both the 20th and 31st centuries, possibly all throughout the millennium. It is fatal to anybody but robots and Billy Dee Williams.

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The name is a reference to the computer language Fortran and the Olde English malt liquor. First Appearance : " Space Pilot " Description : A brand of beer, presumably specifically designed for robots. Consumption by humans is inadvisable due to the presence of throat-bloodying metal shavings. It also refers to the brand Samuel Adams. A dual reference to a quantum mechanics principle Pauli Exclusion Principle and real beer brand St. Pauli Girl. Seems to have 3.

A reference to 3-In-1 Oil. First Appearance: " Roswell that Ends Well " Description: A spray that apparently produces pretty much anything needed, including bikinis, Christmas lights, and early 20th century army fatigues. Type : Unknown; possibly a Professor Farnsworth creation. Satan makes things look good to us…. I am glad that you agree with me about weed control products. This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Oh, and leaf blowers! How could I forget to mention the horror of leaf blowers! The worst of a bad lot! I say! What do u think?? Watch your eyes, for sight becomes thoughts, and from thoughts become words, from words we have actions, and actions make charecter, and charecter makes up our desteny! So what do u think?? Like how retorical can this be?? Like hello the flood is comming get aboard! Wow what people use to argue with!! Its a fantasy film.. I have to admit I find the defense of twilight hilarious.

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Did you even read the article or posts before you tried to defend it? Half of you are repeating arguments for twilight that were already shot down.

Most everything in this world is a mixed gray, something between black and white. Vampires are not real? Did you try to have this conversation with the these murders. Having read the original Dracula and the first book of Twilight I can see a very dangerous and disturbing trend. They are completely self-sufficient, yet if you really open your eyes they are not. They still require Blood to live. Oh not human blood, yet they must devour animals to live on.

LIfe-takers instead of Life-makers. The two are as different as the day is from the night. Dracula was the embodiment of lust and evil, affected by holy relics and an enemy of God, yet here is where perhaps the first seeds in this sections were planted.

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It was not the relics that could save the humans but God, but little by little things were twisted away from God until now its the Vampire that is the savior granting eternal love lets just admit lust and endless life. Someone who as an intense desire to kill or in his case eat is certainly not of God.

Devil May Cry 5 (Part 17 - Eating the Forbidden Fruit)

James claims that because their are so many options there is no truth, just because many people believe a lie does not make the lie truth nor reality any less real to what it is. There is only one truth!