The Amtrak Wars: Death-Bringer: The Talisman Prophecies 5 (Amtrak Wars series)

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Series: Amtrak Wars Series by cover. Series description. Related series The Talisman Prophecies. Die Amtrak-Kriege. Related publisher series Bloomsbury Reader. Steve Brickman. Brickman, Steve. The novel is not currently in print but second-hand copies appear to be readily available in the UK and USA. Michael B , Jun 1, Werthead , Jun 2, Book Two: First Family plot summary spoiler-protected.

Instead he is arrested as a deserter and narrowly escapes death before being sent to menial, ball-busting work in the A-levels. According to the doctrines of the First Family, the rulers of the Amtrak Federation, Mutes do not take prisoners, and that 'truth' cannot be contradicted.

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But now Brickman knows something of the truth the Family has other plans for him, and for his Mute friends Werthead , Jun 3, Great stuff, keep it coming! Used to love these books, after reading through this I'm definately going to track them down. Maccers54 , Jun 4, I just read in the other thread, that there supposedly was a 7th book in the work. Well that was , was it just a rumour?

Arch Stanton , Jun 5, Book Three: Iron Master plot summary spoiler-protected. His mission to capture Mr. talisman - In Stock Only / Science Fiction / Science Fiction & Fantasy: Books

Snow, Cadillac and Clearwater, the three M'Call Mutes whose powers pose a direct threat to the Amtrak Federation's expansion, has been complicated by the fact that Cadillac and Clearwater have been sent as envoys to Ne-Issan, the homeland of the mysterious Iron Masters. With little choice, Brickman is forced to follow and soon learns that Cadillac is posing as a Tracker wingman, using the knowledge and information he stole from Brickman's own mind to construct an air force for the Iron Masters.

Meanwhile, in Ne-Issan the Shogun is concerned over the ambitions of the powerful Yama-Shita family, who already control the lucrative Great Lakes trading routes into the Mute heartlands and now seem to be organising themselves for an attempt to displace him from power by sponsoring the air force project. His top agent, Herald of the Inner Court Toshiro Hase-Gawa, is dispatched to sabotage the aircraft production facility by any means necessary, and soon finds an unlikely ally in the shape of Steve Brickman Werthead , Jun 7, Thanks for the info Werthead, a pity though.

Arch Stanton , Jun 8, Book Four: Blood River plot summary spoiler-protected.

The family has been brutally oppressed at the order of the Shogun, and the family burns for vengeance, most notably against those Mutes and Trackers responsible for destroying their project at the Heron Pool. Meanwhile, these individuals - Steve, Cadillac, Clearwater, Jodi Kazan and Dave Kelso - are now fleeing for their lives out of Ne-Issan on Federation Skyriders, but a lack of fuel forces them down near the southern shores of Lake Michigan, still many hundreds of miles from the M'Call home turf in Wyoming.

Their attempts to escape are challenged by a wily Mute wordsmith, an ambitious Ne-Issan foreign agent and the Federation, who have sent the Lady from Louisiana to 'aid' Steve's attempts to escape. Steve, still playing both sides against the middle, is still trying to keep a foot in both camps but Cadillac is about to make maintaining that pretence very difficult indeed Werthead , Jun 14, Book Five: Death-Bringer plot summary spoiler-protected.

Clearwater has been taken captive aboard the Federation wagon-train Red River, and they need to find a way to break her and Steve's sister Roz out with only the warriors from Clan M'Call to help. But as they struggle with that issue, Mr. Snow faces the biggest challenge of his life. Enraged with the destruction of the Heron Pool and the loss of their assault force on Lake Michigan, the Yama-Shita have sent five warships to the trading post at Lake Superior for the annual exchange of goods and servants.

The stage is set for the biggest military confrontation since the War of a Thousand Suns. Werthead , Jun 17, Thank you Werthead you did a good job of describing the books, I knew nothing about these books until just now, after hearing about the world im interested. Im afraid though of getting into a series that will never be finished. Is it possible to read all the current novels and be satisfied, or is there too much that is unresolved? Last edited: Jun 26, I recently learned that the later printing of the books removed the afterword from Book 6, resulting in a lot of people getting confused because the afterword basically gave a summary of how the story ended.

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So if you can find the original or paperback printing of Book 6, then yes, there's enough closure to end the story. To a degree, the story that is being told in Books of the Amtrak Wars is a set-up for a much more traditional and thus less interesting epic fantasy but with high-tech elements in the planned Books Personally I think he got the more interesting part of the story told.

I've taken a break from reading this last week but am getting back into Book 6 now. Hope to have a review by the start of next week. Werthead , Jun 27, Book Six: Earth-Thunder plot summary spoiler-protected. The Plainfolk are now determined to work together to prepare for the coming of their messiah, the Talisman, whilst the Iron Masters are wracked by internal disputes.

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Aware that the Iron Masters will not simply accept the loss of so many of their troops in recent battles, Cadillac and Roz decide to travel into Ne-Issan to secure peace and encourage the beginnings of a new civil conflict within the country. Meanwhile, Steve's attempts to keep a foot in both the Plainfolk and Federation camps continue as his star rises and he is made a member of the ruling First Family. But the higher he climbs, the greater the distance to fall