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The timing of the proposed mutations is designed such that the inherent exploration of the method is not disturbed. The proposed mutated algorithms cannot, therefore, produce inferior results to that of the original method.

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Furthermore, mutation is only carried out on those particles that are already converged to the global best position and, in effect, are not of any particular use to the collective intelligence of the swarm. The performance of the proposed mutated algorithms is tested against two reservoir operation problems and the results are presented and compared with those of the standard algorithm.

The mutated algorithms show improved performance for the examples considered. Open PDF. Volume Issue 6, December , pp.

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A cellular automata approach for the hydro-power operation of multi-reservoir systems. Optimal operation of multi-reservoirs by water cycle algorithm.

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The Mesa site, considered one of the most important sites in the hemisphere, holds projectile heads and campfire ashes apparently left behind almost 12, years ago by Ice Age hunters who were some of the first humans to cross the Bering land bridge to North America. But of all the facts and figures that Michael L.

Kunz, an archeologist for the Bureau of Land Management, shared, that number, -- the site record for killing mosquitoes -- was, at that particular moment, in that particular place, the most impressive of all. The mosquitoes were so dense that they created the eye-confusing effect of flakes in a swirling snowstorm, only they zigzagged rather than swirled. Only Mr. Babbitt, his skin toughened by decades in politics, seemed not to mind.

When he heard that the insects carried no diseases, he said, not flinching as six of them crawled along his unprotected face, his attitude was, ''Go ahead, have at me. In Umiat, an all-but-abandoned former oil-well site where the Secretary's entourage stopped to refuel, visitors are greeted by a sign announcing: ''Now Entering Umiat, Population: 1. Smith, Mayor. The equivalent to Mr.

Smith in the lower 48 states would be a crusty old-timer manning the only gas station on a long, lonely stretch of Highway But this is Alaska, so Mr.

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Smith runs the only plane refueling stop and such-as-it-is hotel -- a conglomeration of prefab units resembling railway cars -- on a long, lonely stretch of tundra with no roads at all. After 41 years of flying around here, Mr.

Smith, 75, has more of Alaska in him than his native Texas. His sentences sometimes begin ''I'm not anti-government -- much -- but the Federal Aviation Administration, in all its wisdom. Asked about the rules and regulations in his one-man town, Mr. Smith said, ''We make our own. Kept company by his nephew these days, he added that everyone got a turn at being Mayor -- ''and they also get their turn at being cook and dishwasher.

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But mainly, he said, in this spot that he claims is the coldest in America, ''We just try to survive. Barrow, where Mr.


Babbitt consulted with scientists and residents about whether he should allow commercial oil drilling in the petroleum reserve, has its own claims to fame. It is not only the northernmost town in the United States, but it may also be the one with the most signs warning about polar bears. The mean-tempered bears, which spend most of their time on the ice of the Arctic Ocean but also frequent Barrow dumps, are such a concern in this town of 4, that volunteer bear patrols are mounted to protect trick-or-treaters on Halloween.