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Nature, , Here's the green square with shadow without the text. In this demonstration, we hold image size fixed, but allow the position of the the object to change in the image.

Shadow Depth Maps Review

The ball follows a diagonal trajectory inside a box. The ball's shadow first moves diagonally in a trajectory parallel to the ball, then it moves horizontally.

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The ball's trajectory is the same for both segments of the animation. The apparent motion in depth of the ball is strikingly different in the two cases. When the shadow is diagonal, the ball appears to slide along the floor to the back of the box. The bias is used to adjust them. Try to keep the bias as low as possible though, as having a too big value can cost you some performance hit and you'll see weird shadow results.

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If the value is too big, you won't see shadows cast on ground from low objects that are close to ground, e. If the value is too small, you see artifacts such as banding and flickering as the objects will cast shadows on themselves in certain angles related to the light source.

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  8. Can't think of why having it big would have a performance impact, never noticed one myself. Thanks, you guys!