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Delivering Leading Edge Customer Service.

The Essential Leadership Attributes | CPHR Alberta

This course helps you evaluate your existing internal and external customer service standards, as well as providing you with information on dealing with difficult questions and situations in your interactions with your customers. Effective telephone skills will be covered, as well as techniques for diffusing tense situations.

You will learn the L. A special benefit for customer service teams is that you will have an opportunity to develop and commit to your own customer service Credo, from which you can build your service strategy.

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Imagine a workplace where everyone chooses to bring energy, passion, and a positive attitude with them each day. That's the FiSH Philosophy - An environment in which people are truly connected to their work, to their colleagues and to their customers. Not at all. Employees don't just fill orders, they fill people - with fun, friendliness, attentiveness, and enthusiasm.

The bottom line?

This workshop teaches participants the four principles of the FiSH! Participants find out how to apply the FiSH philosophy back in their own work environment, and leave the workshop energized and inspired to give their customers a fun, friendly, attentive and enthusiastic customer experience. Managing Yourself in Time. Do routine or non-essential tasks tend to eat up your time and drain your energy? Are you always busy but never seem to get much done?

If you answered yes, to any of the above questions, give yourself a break and attend this course, which will help you refocus on and find time for your priorities. You will leave with an Action Plan you can immediately implement to put you back in control of your time and your life. Powerful Presentation Skills. According to surveys, the number one fear people have is not death or being audited by the IRS — it is the fear of public speaking! Although many people possess expertise and knowledge in their fields, they often cannot communicate that information clearly, concisely and confidently.

This highly participatory workshop will teach you skills that will enable you to communicate with confidence. This workshop starts you where you are, and in a positive way teaches you how to communicate more effectively both one-on-one and in a group setting. In a relaxed, supportive atmosphere you will learn techniques that will help you organize your thoughts, control stage fright and speak well under pressure.

In this course you will learn how to diagnose performance problems and how to develop effective coaching plans. You will improve your ability to help your employees make the best of the ups and downs they experience every day — respectfully, directly and sincerely. From encouraging employees to repeat good results, to correcting poor work in a positive way, to turning dead-end performances around, this course offers sensible advice for managing performance effectively. Specific coaching skills of observing, questioning, listening and demonstrating will be presented and practiced.

Results-Based Performance Management. Managers and supervisors often say the least-liked part of their job is giving the dreaded performance appraisal. In this course you will learn a three-step method for effectively managing employee performance. You will practice setting clear expectations and goals, giving both positive and corrective feedback, learn how to give an effective performance appraisal, and how to help employees develop an Individual Development Plan.

What makes Trust Edge™ so different?

In this course you will learn some simple tools to help build a performance management program for each employee that increases the likelihood that your employees will actually look forward to coming to work! Speak Up! Improving Your Assertive Communication Skills. Or at the other extreme, do you sometimes speak your mind, but in a hostile, confrontational manner?

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Neither pattern is likely to accomplish the goal most of us want: to be heard and understood. In this interactive workshop, you will learn how to use assertive communication skills to speak up successfully in the way that is most likely to get you the response from others that you want. The Respectful Workplace. The changing nature of the U. At the same time, cultural influences, such as behaviors and comments portrayed in the media, contribute to a confusing landscape that can be difficult to navigate at work.

Drive Performance Through Trust

In this interactive workshop, employees have a supportive environment in which to learn or to be reminded of the behavioral expectations of the organization, and an opportunity to change their own habits, as well as learn how to deal with unwanted behavior from others. This course is designed to help employees buy into, contribute to and co-create a safe and welcoming workplace free of discrimination, harassment and inappropriate comments and behavior. This multifaceted tool helps the company understand the health of the organization, in real-time feedback, all the way down to the individual team level.

Through embedded analytics, managers can have a continuous view of team and individual performance that helps predict employee potential while simultaneously forecasting flight risk. This, in turn, allows the talent development team to partner with leaders to create tailored solutions for improvement and prevent talented employees from jumping ship.

By incorporating these workforce solutions and utilizing the data, businesses can revamp and revitalize leadership within their organization by easily identifying the root of the problem, addressing pain points, clearing up bottlenecks, and focusing on a direct, client-focused solution. This is not only smart but valuable. This Is Your Life, hosted by Michael Hyatt, is a podcast that focuses on helping overwhelmed high achievers win at work, succeed at life, and lead with confidence. Hyatt discusses the finer points of leadership, productivity, influence, personal development, and goal-setting in his show.

This Is Your Life imparts wisdom, humor, and lessons on intentional living to young leaders and elite professionals alike. It's impactful and meaningful.

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The Nice Guys on Business , hosted by Doug Sandler, shares real-life stories, successes, struggles, failures, and opportunities presented. Each episode is a conversation about life. The key rule of the show is very simple: Sandler has no rules and nothing is off limits. He is great at challenging his audience to turn off the negative tapes that are playing in our collective heads and to lead a positive life, filled with a pay-it-forward attitude, genuine kindness, absolute empathy, and compassion as our tools.

This is not only a podcast about nice guys but a podcast how nice guys can finish first.

Coaching for Leaders , hosted by Dave Stachowiak. The first episode every month is devoted to questions from the global audience. An optional, free membership is available to listeners for access to Stachowiak's weekly leadership guide, additional MemberCasts, and more. Dose of Leadership , hosted by Richard Rierson. Known as a unique and engaging interviewer, Rierson brings in guests that include NFL coaches, entrepreneurs, CEOs, investors, and authors.