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At one point Christine's mother is having the works done, eye lashes included.

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Do people really get their eyelashes dyed? One night Christine, Lily and Nate are at his place. He's playing the piano for them. When he finishes, Lily praising him and he ends up sitting on the piano bench with her on his lap.

Yet 2 seconds later, Nate's getting up and Lily's magically on the couch now, getting up too. Why was Christine visiting Magdelena the same way as her father? Going on the same four days he'd go. I didn't get that. At another point Lily wants to make a card for Christine when she finds out that Christine's mother was hurt and in the hospital.

Miriam tells Lily that she can make the card, but they won't be able to send it. She should have been able to send the card to Christine. It's not like Christine and her mother still lived in the same house. As in something that makes them miserable. Like with Christine's mother wanting her to marry the one guy I forgot what his name was? Christine's an adult, she should have learned sooner to act like one. View 1 comment. Nov 16, Curly Carla Celebrity Readers rated it liked it. Contemporary Romance I guess you could call it. Imagine the conflicting emotions of a daughter finding out that her deceased father had a whole other family.

How would you deal with that? The potential for emotions in this book was high. I could already feel my head whirling with all the feelings I was going to go through in preparation for this read.

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The parallels between Nate and Charlie were not lost on me. He stood out the most in the book to me.

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Miriam had a very giving and maternal persona. Gloria was, in my opinion, a devil woman. She was selfish, condescending and manipulative, even to her own daughter. Always looking out for number one and even though she was the villain, she was still one of my favorite characters in the book. The author did a really good job of making me hate her. Uncle Harry was a great character.

He had the most well rounded personality out of everyone in the book. He knew who he was, he was aware of his indiscretions and his feelings towards himself. He knew what needed to be done and I really liked that about him. Lilly was a good character, she was cute, innocent and forgiving and she was definitely the glue of the whole story.

Without her the story would have been nothing. Her part in the story was very subtle though. It was really nice because for her tiny role to have that much impact on everyone else in the book just shows the authors talent in my eyes. A Family Affair was an ok read. I'm sad to say it didn't really grip me even though the story had great potential. Lots of secrets are revealed within the story but none were really a great surprise to me and the characters did not move me with there reactions to the situations.

The narration skipped between too many people which for me hindered the character development and my emotional attachment to them. I wanted more romance and passion from this story; maybe it just doesn't suit me. Dec 15, Nancy Baker rated it really liked it. I'm not sure if my 4 stars are a result of a great story or the fact that the past few books I've read have not exactly been fulfilling. Regardless, this was a short read but long on emotion and story. Imagine you are a single year old female, working in the family business, money and travel are limitless. Imagine that your father, who runs the investment company, takes a weekend a month to go off by himself to "re-group" as he says -- a routine that has a year history with him.

Then imagi I'm not sure if my 4 stars are a result of a great story or the fact that the past few books I've read have not exactly been fulfilling. Then imagine you get a phone call that your father has been in a car accident that took his life -- and he wasn't alone in the car and the passenger was a female. Christine, an only child and now without a father, must come to terms with the life of a man she thought she knew, but perhaps didn't.

Brain damage is a family affair.

Like anyone who finds themselves in an arena filled with deception, shadows and unspoken truths, it stands to reason that someone is going to get hurt. Most of the players in this story lived by the rule that what you don't know, won't hurt you -- when in reality they should have been using the playbook called "and the truth will set you free". Life disappoints sometimes, but if you are strong enough and want it bad enough, you can find something positive in even the darkest of situations.

This was a story of removing blinders and opening your heart to the true meaning of happiness, throwing caution to the wind and following your dreams. A little bit romance, a little bit family drama with a touch of mystery and a lot just an enjoyable and insightful read. I truly enjoyed this story and was reluctant when the time came that I finished the story. I wanted to read more about these characters' lives and would gladly do so should a sequel be written. I liked Christine from the beginning and shared her determination to learn the answers to the mystery surrounding her father's death.

In her position, I would have done the same - stopped for no one or nothing until my mind was settled - but that's just it. Christine learned something which didn't settle h I truly enjoyed this story and was reluctant when the time came that I finished the story. Christine learned something which didn't settle her mind at all. Instead, it opened a can of worms she didn't expect. We were led into the lives of various characters, some likable and others not.

I found myself beginning to love the "other family," - wishing Christine had grown up in that environment instead of the one in which she was raised. I could not judge her father's actions - remaining married while having a family on the side -because, regardless of what laws may dictate, I felt he was most suited to his second family - the family of his heart. I'm sure, had he found a way to bring Christine into his confidence, he would have lived a happy life and filed for a divorce which would have brought his mind some much-needed peace.

This was a story that could have me writing a manuscript solely on my thoughts and feelings about the various aspects brought forth. Even now, weeks after reading the last page, I still have questions and I know I will read this story again. Mar 14, Akina rated it really liked it. I really liked this book. The premise is a common one. But the author spins a dose of originality into the mix by involving other family members, outside love interests, and by blurring the lines between victims and villains.

A Family Affair is the first book in the Truth in Lies series.

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Alt I really liked this book. Although I really enjoyed this book, I may not continue with the series. The first book ended quite enjoyably for me so I am loathe to have my happy ending usurped by the angst that is sure to prevail in subsequent books. I read a teaser preview for book 2 that gave me cause for concern. But then again, curiosity may get the better of me Dec 08, Bette Crosby rated it really liked it. Very well done. Good characters. Solid story. Christine Blacksworth lives for success, just like her father.

Why was he on a road so far from his cabin? Who was the young man who called to deliver the news of his death? Then she makes the trip to meet Lily. Christine and Nate are at odds over almost everything pertaining to her father.

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Mary Campisi draws the reader into this story by invoking a variety of emotions, everything from fury and disappointment to genuine love and acceptance and incorporating enough suspenseful elements that I read the entire story in one sitting. One of the things that unite them is Lily and her easy acceptance of them. Chrissy Dionne courtesy of Romance Junkies Christine Blasksworth's father died on a stretch of icy road he had traveled hundreds of times, leaving her family at a loss.

Upon the reading of his will, she finds that there may be more to his trips than originally thought. Deciding to do a little investigating of her own, Christine finds herself in Magdalena, New York, face-to-face with his dirty little secret: another woman and an illegitimate child. Naturally, she is furious, with the woman, the child, her father. Then, as she starts to le Christine Blasksworth's father died on a stretch of icy road he had traveled hundreds of times, leaving her family at a loss.